Main barn and office.  These buildings are estimated to be well over 150 years old.
The barn has had its entire foundation replaced 60 years ago and has been resided about 5 times.  Please click on the SPECIAL link to see the original barn.
Our sign lights up at night.
Kory in his 4th summer while attending school represents our 3rd generation.
A newer double wide set up in our estate section.  The front porch is made from mostly vinyl.  Wood is good ... Vinyl is final.
Our garage located in the community stores our tractors, dump trucks toters and other heavy equipment.  If you have a problem we have the tools and equipment to repair today!
Our new magnetic signs for our vehicles vehicles.
Closer look of the office.  This is where Nanny has lived for about 60 years.
A couple of our many happy residents enjoying a fresh snowfall after our service team has removed the snow from their driveway.
A typical Linnhaven set up.  Our set ups are designed to eliminate your worry and reduce future upkeep.
View of our Super Deluxe sites.  From our pond.
Installing Tie Downs.