What day is trash day?
Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Recycling on Monday. Trash bags are available at all local grocery stores like Hannaford. Please make sure trash and recyclables are in lidded containers.  Please do not set trash or recyclables out the night before. 

Do you sell New homes?
We offer brand new Skyline - Champion Homes with a 12 month warranty and previously owned homes. Please click on HOMES to see our inventory.

Where can I pay my rent?
We have provided an easy drive up drop box at our main office for your convenience. You can come anytime and drop it in the box without even getting out of your vehicle. You don’t even need an envelope. Please enter from behind the barn.  You mail also mail checks to 1 Office Place, Brunswick, ME 04011

How much is my monthly rent?
Your monthly rent rate is dependent on 2 things. Firstly, the number of people and secondly the type of site. We have 3 different sites based on sizes; Standard, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe. The standard site with one person is $345 less a $ 20 discount if your rent is paid on or before the 5th of the month and there are no outstanding charges. Please click on the Rent Schedule button in the DOCUMENTS section.

Why is there an entry-fee and how much is it?
First and foremost is to deter frequent “in and out” movement. We want residents who are established and have a vested interest in the community. Secondly, we use the entrance fees to help maintain and keep our site rates the lowest in the area.  Entry fees reward long term residents by keeping rates lower. The fee is generally 2 times the rate of the incomming resident.  As provided for by state statue.

How do I sell my home and have it stay in the community?
The buyer must first submit an application and be approved. The home must meet all community standards and your account must be up to date.

I want to sell my home and remove it from the community?
We require a 45 day notice in accordance with state statue to terminate a lease.

Why are there so few trees?
Many of the trees that were located here were large and old and the risk of damage to home and person was too great. Secondly, we are located on a blueberry field with naturally sandy soil, where there are few trees to begin with. Over time, many residents have also requested we remove trees for them. It’s not like we just decided to cut down all the trees. Over the past 56 years, time has given us one reason or another to remove many of them one at a time.  We strive ourselves on a low maintenance community. No trees means: no raking, no pitch on the side of your home, no limbs rubbing your home or dropping on your home, full sun to melt ice on the roads and your walkway. Most of the trees that have been removed were done so at the request of a resident who was tired of the maintenance and worry.

I want to build a shed or deck, what do I need to do?
We ask that all improvements adhere to standardized guidelines.  We like to see a diagram of any proposed improvement. Our general guidelines can be found in the DOCUMENTS section by clicking on the SHEDS, STEPS & SATELLITE DISHES button.

Do you allow pets?
We allow inside domestic pets. We do not allow big dogs.

Do you rent homes?
We do not rent homes. Subletting is not permitted in the community.  We do have great prices on new homes with free rent and even better prices on previously owned homes. Our homes can be seen by clicking on the HOMES link.

Do you offer financing?
We can help you find great financing. There are a number of local firms that specialize in Manufactured Housing loans.

Why should I winterize my home?
If the home is properly winterized we can significantly reduce your rate. Additionally, you would ensure the safety of your home. When the temperature drops, pipes will freeze if you loose your heat.  Resulting in damage to the home and damage to our systems. This can be costly and aggravating.  We suggest winterizing the home if you are leaving for more than a week or so. At the least, be sure to have a neighbor watch the home.

Do you have the name and number of someone that works on homes, mows lawns or shoevels snow?
Please click on the DOCUMENTS link and then click the SERVICE COMPANIES button.

Do you sell mobile home parts?
We have a limited number of parts and accessories for our customers.  We do not have a store.  If you have one of our homes we will try our best to provide you with repair parts.

These answers are intended to be quick. Please review the rules and or rents schedule for more detailed answers.